Dacia exhaust tips

The Dacia exhaust tips trim set is suitable for a wide range of models, including Dacia Duster 1, Dacia Duster 2, and others. These are external accessories for cars that are attached to the ends of the exhaust pipes, available in various shapes and sizes, and designed to add a personalized note of style and elegance to your car.

The exhaust tips are made of stainless steel, which gives them high durability, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, as well as ease of maintenance. They add a shiny and elegant look to your car.

There are various mounting options available for them, such as OEM-style mounting, internal clamp fixation, clamps or screws and nuts. It is important to ensure proper fixation of the ornament and follow the manufacturer's installation instructions to avoid operating or safety issues. Regular checking of the ornament's fixation can help maintain its safety and stability.