Manual parking barriers

A manual parking barrier is the simplest type of car barrier that operates by raising or lowering a metal bar or arm to block access to the parking space. The user can control the manual parking barrier through a mechanical locking system, such as a key lock or padlock. The locking system is used to secure the barrier in the raised position so that it cannot be lowered to allow access to the vehicle. This type of barrier can be easily installed and used, making it suitable for parking spaces with limited access or private parking areas.

There are different types of manual barriers, such as barrier, M-type, T-type, and post-type models. Each of these models is designed to provide an adequate level of security for the parking space, and owners can choose the barrier that best suits their needs.

One of the main advantages of manual parking barriers is their relatively low cost compared to automatic barriers. In addition, they do not require maintenance or repairs, which can be a benefit for owners who want to protect their parking space in a simple and efficient way. Manual parking barriers are commonly used in residential areas, restricted access parking lots, or in areas with parking restrictions, where a physical restriction is necessary to prevent unauthorized parking.